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Confetti Design is a design agency who care about you and your business success.
We create compelling brands and beautiful websites to elevate your business.
If you are frustrated with your website and mediocre marketing results, or just starting out and looking to launch right
Confetti Design can help you.
Confetti Design is a digital agency focussed on designing for you and your customer.
We create compelling brands and beautiful websites that highlight your magic to attract your perfect customers.

If you are just starting out and looking to launch right or if you are frustrated with your website and mediocre marketing results, Confetti Design can help you.

Who we are

Confetti Design is a creative agency based in Bayside Melbourne.

Hi, I am Johannah. I am passionate about helping women in business achieve their business dreams through beautiful and effective online solutions.

I use my image design, direct marketing and business development experience to add value to your business success and help you stand out.


What we do

Confetti Design offers affordable web design Melbourne, creates compelling band identities and online marketing coaching.

I focus on understanding who you are and what your unique perspective is. My creative goal is to produce a vision that is relatable to your customer.

Confetti Design offers a coaching package to arm you with the right marketing tools and skills to elevate your business.


As seen in

Confetti Design aims to make the process of delivering your dream website as straight-forward and easy as possible. I will create a beautiful website for you that also attracts and enthrals your perfect customer. We offer affordable web design in Melbourne and an online coaching package to allow the small business owner the chance to build their dreams.

Web Design

We can take care of everything needed to get your beautiful dream website up and running, from registering your domain name, hosting the site, organising logo and brand identity, photography or engaging a copywriter.

We design affordable small business websites for all kinds of businesses; product based, professional services, e-commerce and creatives.

Hassle-free, non-techie language with complete cost transparency.



We provide you brand identities that represent your unique perspective and services that will attract your perfect customers and have a positive impact on your business.

We offer logo, business card and full brand identity design to small business owners that ensure you stand out in your market and build your profile.

If you aren’t achieving the sales you would like to be, you are confused about how to attract new customers, or you are overwhelmed about how to grow your business, I can help you.



Understanding your customer is the secret to all business success. Confetti Design supports you with marketing clarity and business offering services to help you achieve the success you crave.

If you aren’t achieving the sales you would like to be, you are confused about how to attract new customers, or what your competitive advantage is, I can help you.


Words from happy clients

  • When I was looking for a rebrand and refresh for my company website, Johannah & Confetti Design ticked all the boxes however, my experience far surpassed my expectations. Johannah took the time to understand my business brand, client base & vision. Her aesthetic compliments her website functionality & facilitated the entire rebrand process from website, updated professional head shots to newsletters and social media presence. Industry and client feedback has been a testament to her professionalism & attitude.

    Mary-Jane Devine
    Mary-Jane Devine Fusion Marketing
  • I loved most about the process was: Personal service – Johannah’s skill at identifying with each business’ message/branding etc and finding the best outcome for the website as a result. Care – Johannah cares about what she produces and cares about gaining the best possible result for you as an individual/business. Honesty – Johannah is not afraid to speak her mind about what works or doesn’t and does it with grace. Creativity – Johannah’s creative eye ensures that each website she helps to produce looks unique.   Johannah had many resources that I would never have found on my own.

    Jody Kalpenos
    Jody Kalpenos Feminine Alignment
  • I loved the Confetti Clarity Kit process! It is so much better than boring online versions of analysing your customer.  It made me REALLY think about who am I am and who I want to work for and what I am offering.  It helped to make that process cohesive and consistent.  Before, "who I am" and what I thought I wanted were much less congruous. Having the freedom to cut n paste some pictures and visuals was really fun.  Other times I would be afraid to show that side of me but the document makes it feel like "you're allowed" and that it's not silly. Johannah said something to me that underpinned some of my answers, she told me to value myself and my time.  And it gave me encouragement, when I was completing the document, to actually ask for what I want.    I've actually upped my price since we had that conversation! I also loved that I could see the sense in the questions, see where they were leading.  It is a very good explorative exercise and it's made my business clearer to me than the hours I've spent on a traditional business plan.

    Shannan My Body Buddy Founder / Owner
  • Confetti Design delivered an unbelievable service to me and my business. I dreamed of where I wanted my branding to go but I never imagined it would turn out the way it has. Johannah is the first designer to listen and take the time to understand me before moving forward with the designs. I believe that incredible skill is what created a brand beyond my expectations. She is highly skilled, deeply passionate and I could not recommend her highly enough.

    Sarah Churcher
    Sarah Churcher Muka Portraits - Photographer
  • I was daunted by the idea of website creation (with little technical knowledge). I am so glad I found Johannah. Her sensible advice and creative approach has made the process far less stressful. She is creating an amazing website for me and I have learned so much. Can't recommend Confetti Design enough. You won't regret hiring Johannah !

    Helen Green
    Helen Green Career Confident
  • Johannah is a delight to work with. She was always fully engaged with the issue at hand and always offered additional tips and guidance along the way. She is astute and has a good aesthetic vision, which makes her an invaluable partner. I would highly recommend Johannah to anyone needing to create a website for their business. Johannah also seems to have a very wide web knowledge and resource base, which is very helpful to people like me who are slightly unfamiliar with web based applications and social media.

    Corinne Moxo Living
  • I have heard/seen a few of these type of business branding/ customer defining questions before so sort of knew what I was in for. I did have some reservations about whether this was a good use of my time and money but I was feeling blind business wise, and knew I had to do something to move forward. I have seen Johannah in action on a few videos and liked her approach. I was not expecting the process to be so thorough, deep, introspective and practical!  I think it’s because all the previous business branding ‘noise’ I have seen previously, really doesn’t make that connection between branding and how it effects day to day operations and most importantly the business and client interactions.  

    Loiuse Gronold
    Loiuse Gronold Louise Gronold Imagery
  • Johannah offered a very personal experience and it was so easy to contact her with any changes as well as questions in regards to operating the admin section of my website as it was being developed. No question or request was too hard and I know throughout the development of the website, Johannah was only a phone call away and always more than happy to assist.

    Angela Rampal
    Angela Rampal Oh My Golly Gosh
  • Johannah Barton and Confetti Design helped create a website that represents who I am and what I do perfectly. A website that I am proud to have out in the world. My initial reservations were only the cost however our collaborative effort and Johannah’s willingness to trust my intuition and her own – that she wasn’t stuck on using a particular image/logo/design but was willing to move with what felt right to both of us was worth it.

    Jody Kalpenos
    Jody Kalpenos Feminine Alignment
  • The Clarity process for me was essential. I have always been a planner in my business and I thought I had a really clear concept moving forward, however going through this process made everything so much clearer for me. There is a refinement in the decisions I am now making for the business because of how Johannah's process made me think. I highly recommend anyone in business, no matter what stage you are at, to do the Clarity process before moving forward on anything else. You will save hours of time, and have such a higher level of design more suited to you by doing this.  

    Sarah Churcher
    Sarah Churcher Muka Portraits
  • Professional, helpful and made the whole process so much less daunting. Always available and helpful. Best decision to start our business journey with Confetti Design. Thank you Johannah and Confetti Design!